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the time we have for today, if you missed any part of today's show, be sure to check out my podcast. remember, this is the place for the answers to all of your medical questions. thanks for watching. i'm dr. sanjay gupta, more news on cnn starts right now. good morning, everybody, from the cnn center, this is cnn sunday morning for august 2nd, 8:00 where we sit here in atlanta, georgia. thank you for being with us. i want to get right to some breaking news, we first brought to you about half an hour ago for 18 years, no one knew for sure what happened to this man, captain michael scott spiker, considered the first american lost in the 1991 gulf war. >> the mystery is now over. defense officials say his
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remains have been found in iraq and they have positively identified him. we're covering this breaking story for you from all angles. we want to start from our pentagon correspondent who has been taking us through the story. on the phone with us this morning. and barbara, start here from the top. how did this come about after 18 years we now know what happened? >> well, t.j., this is just an extraordinary story. what the u.s. military tells us is in early july, an iraqi citizen in western iraq came to them and said there was a location that u.s. forces needed to go to and he believed that was the crash site and the place where scott spiker was buried. u.s. marines in the province went to the location, which was believed to be the crash site, the iraqi citizen told the u.s. he knew of two others who were called, seen an american jet hit
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the desert floor on the night of january 17th, 1991, and that veterans had buried the pilot of that plane in the desert. so the marines very quietly, no one knew this was going on over the last several days had gone to this site, dug up skeletal remains and bone fragments. in fact, let me go back one second here. one of the iraqi citizens said they were present when captain spiker was found dead at the crash site and his remains were buried. what has been happening out of public view over the last several days, the remains brought back to the united states, positively identified by the armed forces substitute of pathologist, and it was yesterday that the chief of naval operations admiral was able to call the spiker family and notify them of the positive identification of captain
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spiker's remains in iraq. bringing to a close a chapter that had been very troubling to the u.s. military for the last 18 years. obviously, they're a nightmare scenario because they were never able to recover captain spiker. and this young american pilot had been alive when he hit the ground and had been held, god forbid in one of saddam hussein's prisons for many years. they can put that to rest. what they do know now is that scott spiker was dead when the f-18 hit the ground, buried in the desert, and now his remains back in the united states. >> can you explain further as to how the armed forces institute of pathology were able to look at these skeletal remains and make this positive identification some 18 years later? >> reporter: well, you know, the armed forces institute of pathology is really the ultimate
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csi out there. they have some of the most advanced equipment. they took -- we are told captain spiker -- with the jawbone recovered at the site. they tell us the teeth were a match both visually and using radio graphic test methods. this is a lot of the work that the u.s. military regularly does around the world as they continue over the last many decades to, for example, to recover remains of the missing from the vietnam war. they can take small bone fragments, teeth, and if they can get some dna matches or some dental record matches, they can go ahead and make that positive i.d. this is something that the u.s. military regularly does as they continue to look for remains around the world of the u.s. military's missing in action. but the spiker case in
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particular had been very troubling, as i say, because there had been his f-18 was shot down on that first night of the war. it was seen to be shot down, but they could never take it to the next step, they were never sure he hadn't been found alive by saddam hussein regime and hadn't been held in a prison for some time. that is what concerned them the most. and, you know, this is why the u.s. military has that saying that always puts chills up and down everyone's spine. leave no one behind on the battlefield. they try and really resolve every case no matter how long it takes. it took 18 years for scott spiker. >> thank you so much for being online with us. a lot of people friends and family of scot, you imagine the thoughts they're having this morning. i want to talk to one of them this morning.
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coming from little rock, arkansas this morning. i appreciate you getting on the lines with us this morning. here we are some 18 years later. there's some closure here, but can you tell me after all of these years, not knowing for sure. have you and other friends and family always still held out a little bit of hope that maybe he was out there somewhere? >> yes, we did. all the evidence that we were getting seemed to suggest that scott was alive. and being held against his will. and, you know, we never sent out a search and rescue party. and if we had, you know, none of this mess would probably have been necessary, but some of those high school members and i, we got together trying to raise awareness for this, and tried to get the spiker bill passed which
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ultimately did. when he started having his m.i.a., captured i think was a thing. it helped us as a group to stay focussed on getting the american public aware that there's a soldier over there being held against his will. and a lot of people weren't aware of that. >> well, it sounds like a little bit there, and i guess a lot of people would say they're glad there's some finale to this story. but you might be harboring some hard feelings about how the military handled this along the way. you think it shouldn't have made it to 18 years? >> absolutely. it's a shame what they did to scott and the family, joanne and
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buddy harris and, my heart goes out to them. we didn't look for scott. and that was the beginning of all scott's problems. if they had sent out a search and rescue party, i'm sure they would have found him wandering around in the desert. >> through this entire 18 years of time, sounds like you've stayed in contact with his family, can you give us a little bit of background about how they've been feeling through this entire ordeal? about his children, perhaps, how old are they? and how they may be reacting to the news? >> i'm sure it's bringing some sort of closure, you know, how in the world after so many years and the press that this got starting, you know, five, six, seven years ago.
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the family, i'm sure is going to survive this, you know. buddy harris had worked extremely hard going to every month up to washington to be briefed on what they were doing and stuff like that. that was my understanding. as far as the group, friends working to free scott speicher, we had one fellow classmate. and we kept it simple, didn't want to try to complicate their lives anymore than what it was with all of the publicity. so, you know, a lot of good things came out of this. looking back, you know, i don't think the government will ever leave anybody without sending out some sort of search and rescue again.
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leave no one behind, that was our great motto. and everybody seemed to drop the ball on that one. >> now, we are sorry that it sounds almost as though like he's losing him again. it's a feeling of sadness as you mentioned closure. but it's difficult waking up on a sunday and not having any idea that you would wake up to this news that your friend from high school, his remains have positively been identified thanks to u.s. military and iraqi citizen who brought the military to the province of iraq. now, thank you for calling in. and again, scott, he was shot down really the opening hours as january 17th, 1991. and so much confusion over captured, missing in action, and now his remains positively
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identified. >> and the story has been changing over the years. thanks so much for hopping on the line with us this morning. but we'll continue here with our coverage and for our viewers, that face you have seen over the past really two decades, this country has gotten more and more familiar with, the first american lost in the first gulf war now remains finally identified, mystery solved, so much conjecture over the past 20 years about whether or not he was alive or not. there have been so many stories, quite frankly, we called them conspiracy theorys, barbara starr called it stuff of the hollywood movie over the years of what had happened to him. looks like photos of the actual site there, as well. our josh levs looking into the background, as well. what do you have for us, josh? >> well, actually i have a piece of the actual wreckage from his plane in 1991. this is in the time after it happened. this is a piece of the plane at the time. back in 1991. you're looking at this from the defense department website
8:12 am i'm going to show you something else from the same report. a bunch of words having trouble standing out on tv. but check this out. this is important. what they show is over the years how they keep changing his classification. he was missing in action until 1991. then it was changed to killed in action, body not recovered. then later on, they changed it to missing in action again, then 2002, after a careful review of the evidence available, they changed it again to status missing captured. and the reason for all of these changes is that there were all of the constant theorys and ideas and pieces of intelligence at times. from military and background cia reports. over the years some suggestions that there may have been captured, that it may not have been what it looked like to some people. there were reasons to believe that maybe he was still alive. they kept changing it. and also said in this report that saddam hussein's regime obviously would not cooperate, no surprise there in the search for him and after saddam's regime was taken out by the u.s.-led war that they began
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this process of trying to find that. clearly it's been six years now, but eventually they had a feeling they hoped even back in 2003 that it would at some point lead to finding him. let me show you a couple more things here. one site getting some teenage, one of the biggest ones on google about him is the website for arlington national cemetery, partly because of the details about him and his life, they say his widow joanne was left to comfort their two young children, consoled by his best friend, they married two years later, i'm seeing that reported elsewhere. go to, we're pulling together all of the information we have on him, including some of our own background reports, take a look at this. we're going to go back to 2003, 2002, and farther back, some of the special reports we have done about him and status over the years, and, guys, before we go, i want to show you one more thing, what's happened with the internet, now we've got all of
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these people tweeting about him, one of the top things on twitter right now. this one says may you now rest in peace. and this one plays well out of the interview. captain michael speicher was a 1991 grad from his high school. from one rebel to another. tweet, facebook messages, as well, and a lot of people weighing in right now with their thoughts about this man and his family 18 years after all of that happened. >> what an ordeal to have to go through. and you went over that missing in action, was he a p.o.w.? thank you. >> all right, josh, thank you. we're not going to be too far from that story. continue to work that breaking story this morning. also want to turn to a plane crash in kenya. four people were on board that plane. all were americans. the pilot was killed, one crew member in a coma now. the passengers were shooting a documentary about poverty in africa.
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it crashed into a three-story residential building in a neighborhood in nairobi. things from the report saying that the plane was flying low. what do we know about why this plane was flying so low? >> well, t.j., thanks, what we know is the plane with four americans on board, two of them documentary film makers, they took from wilson airport, flown from that airport many times. it was in the confines of nairo nairobi. it seems according to other members of the crew they were out shooting for a documentary of poverty in africa. apparently flying very low, according to witnesses and the kenya officials. flying over, it seemed 50 feet off the ground and they hit some power lines and their plane flipped and crashed into a third story of a residential building.
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luckily no one on the ground was hurt seriously. but two of them managed to get out with only minor injuries, and one as you say is in a coma, and unfortunately the pilot died in that crash when the plane exploded quite soon after impact. t.j.? >> david mckenzie on the line with us. and extraordinary pictures from someone on the ground, as well. david, we appreciate you. still to come, we're staying on top of this story we have been following for you. captain scott speicher, shot down in his f-18 during the first gulf war, the u.s. military has positively i.d.ed his remains discovered. we'll continue on that story. as well as a horrific story out of alberta, canada, a concert stage completely collapsing, 15 injuries, one death, more on those stories on the other side of the break.
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. if you are joining us, the breaking story this morning is that the first american lost in the first gulf war remains have been found and identified. there he is, you recognize the face by now, you've seen it a lot over the past 18 years that, is captain michael scott speicher. he remains have been identified after he went down in january 1991 in the first gulf war, shot down the first night of that war, actually, and over the past 18 years, there were a change in his status from killed in action to missing in action, to missing
8:20 am
captured even, but now the mystery has been solved. captain scott speicher remains positively identified after all of these years. more details about that to come. but a breaking story this morning. turning your attention to a developing story in iran. iran saying it has arrested three american hikers after they illegally crossed into the country from iraq. that is according to the state-run media there. one of the americans, believed to be captured is joshua fatale from pennsylvania, and his mother spoke with cnn radio. >> we are eager for the best welfare and conditions for our son josh and the other two companions he's with. and that is our only concern. his welfare and the best conditions for him. >> the u.s. state department says it's working to confirm those reports. and if, in fact, they're true,
8:21 am
they will seek consular access. also said quote the protection of american citizens is our highest priority. to canada now where one person is dead, 15 others are injured, some of them critically after an outdoor stage collapsed at a concert. a violent storm with high winds, hail, heavy rains, slammed into an area during the performance last night. listen now as one frightened survivor describes the scene. >> which means we get access to the show on stage. the next thing i know, we're running off and 20 feet up on the stage and this wind gust comes out of nowhere and literally splashes like a mid way ride, next thing i know there is concrete and there's something on top of my back. i can't see a thing, all i'm doing is yelling for my sister. there's children on the deck with us. it was awful, i thought my life was literally ending because it
8:22 am
was completely dark and black, and i can honestly say i would have never gotten out because there was a tiny, tiny hole i crawled through and it was a good 50 feet down i had to jump. >> and also, one side note here is that actor kevin costner, his band was there, they were scheduled to perform. coming up next after that backstage after that collapsed. about 15,000 people were there attending that concert. this is during a festival about 50 miles south of edmonton in alberto province in canada. israeli police treating this as a hate crime? two people dead, 11 others injured. witnesses say a man walked in and opened fire. he escaped running out of there. police right now are searching for him. a church pays it forward and inspires really an entire community with the kindness. >> this is a fun story you'll
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i want to take a moment and check in with cnn's national correspondent jessica yellin.
8:26 am
>> good morning, guys. exciting morning. >> busy morning, you have this massive exclusive with senator john mccain. >> that's right. john king has an interview with john mccain and hit on all of the big topics you want to know about. not only the economy and health care, but yes, sarah palin, what does john mccain think of sarah palin's decision to step down now that she has. he's going to bring that to you in a few minutes. >> i hope you can help us interpret a lot of these economic numbers we get. new numbers here and there, and some say the economy is doing better, some say it's still stagnant, recession might be over. where are you going with that this morning? are you going to simplify this for us? >> that's exactly. i can't tell you what's up, but our guest will. that's her whole job to make predictions for the president. her name is dr. christine tha r.
8:27 am
and she'll give us straight talking, plain english information about that. >> and that is what we need. >> straight talk. >> plain english, more so. >> and you're featuring an author of a book because the president actually didn't think he'd win the election. is that what that book's about? >> there's a book out everybody's buzzing about in d.c. these days. coming out by a guy who writes for the washington post. he interviewed president obama and the president said that when he decided to run, he only thought he had a 25% to 30% chance of winning. that's pretty remarkable if you think about it. the president said despite that, he figured those aren't bad odds if you're talking about winning the presidency. so he took the plunge. >> he gambled. >> paid off, huh? >> and those odds got better as we went along, no doubt about it. you can't do a sunday talk show these days without talking about health care, even though congress is pretty much getting out of that house of representatives already going home. senate's going to head home later this week, but still the president's still going to be
8:28 am
pushing. >> it's true, and you have 435 people, 435 different opinions about what's going to happen with health care. we're going to have debates here with the savviest political reporters in town about what's going to be in a plan, what's going to happen. this is do or die months for the president. either he can sell it to the american people while the president is gone or this thing dies. so it's really teetering on the edge. >> and you talked about the savviest political reporters in town, i assume those are all cnn reporters. >> many cnn reporters. >> i should say many of the s e savviest. >> we will see you at the top of the hour. jessica yellins sitting in for john king state of the union. well, we were just talking vacation, august recess. the senate has a lot to get done before going on break, and the two big things on the agenda,
8:29 am
sotomayor and the health care reform. also officials in afghanistan say they cannot guarantee the safety of voters in the upcoming presidential election. that does not sound good. we'll take a look at the escalating violence that is now threatening democracy.
8:30 am
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our breaking story this morning. captain michael scott speicher, the first american to go missing in the 1991 gulf war initially thought to have been killed. status changed over the years to missing in action, also missing captured. well, we now know 18 years later what happened to him. defense officials say his remains have been found in iraq and positively identified. here's what our barbara starr is telling us this morning. >> reporter: that there will be a lot of gratitude -- think -- this all happened in iraq's western anbar province. and for so many years we have
8:33 am
talked about anbar province in western iraq as being the real heartland, the sunni triangle, the heartland of the insurgency in the worst days of the war, a place where so many u.s. military members tragically lost their lives fighting the war in iraq, wounded, and now now this is the place where iraqis have come to the u.s. marines with this information and have come to them and offered critical intelligence to bring another american home. so it's just -- it just seems terribly emblematic a turn of the events in iraq. we just don't have a lot of these forward-looking details. we'll also be looking for obviously any memorial services, any funerals, anything where we can bring people more details.
8:34 am
but this information broke overnight. the actual confirmation, his family had been notified that the remains back in the united states had been positively identified, and the military started in the last couple of hours making phone calls to reporters in the early morning hours, putting out the statement, getting the word out that this had all happened. >> cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr on the phone with us a little while ago. turn our attention to afghanistan. this has been a deadly weekend for u.s. and coalition troops. looking at the latest numbers. three americans have been killed by roadside bombs in southern afghanistan, a french soldier was killed elsewhere. july was the deadliest month since the war began. ivan watson joins us from kabul. i know karzai, the presidential elections coming up this month and karzai looking for votes. how might, though, all of this
8:35 am
violence undermine the elections later this month? >> reporter: well, it's definitely a major challenge, brooke, and i've updated some of those casualty numbers, those grim numbers with a spokeswoman. she says that six american and nato troops were killed on saturday in three separate incidents, three of them being americans killed by roadside bombs and went on to say that three more americans were killed today in eastern afghanistan by a roadside bomb that hit the patrol. now, the afghan president hamid karzai is running for reelection. and he conceded during his years in office, he's been president since 2001, there's still major security challenges in his country. let's take a listen to what he had to say, brooke. >> translator: we passed the journey of success, we passed the journey of happiness, but
8:36 am
all of our joys were mixed with sadness, we could not bring complete peace to our country. terrorism is still bothering us, killing our people, destroying our country. i promise that when i become president by winning your votes, my first priority will be to bring peace to our country. >> reporter: now, brooke, the opposition candidate and there are 40 candidates running for the post of president against hamid karzai, they've been heaping criticism on him, and one of the front runners, a former afghan foreign minister says it's karzai's fault, the fault of his government that the u.s. now eight years after the overthrow of the taliban has to double the number of troops on the ground to an expected 70,000 american soldiers by this fall. let's listen to what he told us yesterday. >> unfortunately, the government of afghanistan has failed to
8:37 am
provide security for its citizens and also to utilize the opportunity, which was the presence of the foreign troops, international troops as well as billions of reconstruction assistance in afghanistan. to stabilize afghanistan to the extent that eight years down the road we would have been able to say less troops rather than more. >> and, brooke, the united nations has said that more than 1,000 afghan civilians have been caught in the cross-fire during the first six months of this year. brooke? >> ivan, you mentioned 40 presidential candidates plus incumbent hamid karzai making 41. what about the afghan people? what are they saying about the elections? >> reporter: well, this is something that's really interesting, brooke. you get out into the streets of kabul, you start to talk to ordinary afghans, and they don't say a word about the taliban or
8:38 am
insurgency. their number one concerns are usually the economy, unemployment, inflation, and then corruption, many of them complaining about the very afghan security forces that western governments have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to help train. they're complaining that the police are out there doing things like stealing their coats when they get stopped at check points or demanding bribes just to sell watermelons on the side of the street. for some of these people, they're accusing this government of hamid karzai of being tran call. this will definitely be a referendum on karzai. >> interesting, the economy being a big issue there. sounds familiar, ivan watson live for us in kabul this morning. thank you. lawmakers have left the building, at least the house of representatives. they took off for their august recess, the senate will follow suit a little later this week, but that doesn't mean washington is grinding to that halt.
8:39 am
talk to our deputy political director paul steinhauser with a look at what's happening in the political sector this week. >> let's begin with sonia sotomayor, on tuesday, the full senate begins debating her nomination to the supreme court. they're expected to vote on her nomination later in the week. remember, she passed committee 13 to 6, and she's expected to pass the full senate, as well, and be confirmed to the high court. at least six republicans said they've voet to confirm her to the supreme court. also this week for the senate, health care, this week is no different. the senate finance committee continues negotiations as they try to hammer out a bill. this is their last week in session before they go out on summer recess. the house, they've already begun their recess and lawmakers are back home and i would assume a lot of them will be back in their districts speaking to voters, holding town halls, and listening to what voters like and don't like when it comes to health care reform proposals. the president this week will
8:40 am
talking about health care, as well, in meetings and i'm sure speaking out on health care reform. but on tuesday, he may take a little bit of time out because it's his birthday. wednesday, the president's going to the town of elkhart, indiana. he went to talk about the stimulus bill at the time, he's going back to talk about the stimulus and the economy again. elkhart, this is a town with high unemployment. also the next day the president goes back out on the campaign trail, not for himself, but fellow democrat, the democratic candidate for governor in virginia. there's a big election there this year and the democrats would like to keep that seat in democratic hands. also this week, the president marks 200 days in office. and cnn, this is something you're going to want to watch, thursday night our national report card prime time where we give your grades out, how you graded barack obama, congress, and other things. remember, you can go online and cast your votes and grade the president and congress
8:41 am
and it's all at brooke, t.j.? >> paul steinhauser, thank you. a church pays it forward and inspires an entire community. the $9 icebreaker. walmart announces select eyeglass frames for just $9 -- and they have a 12-month guarantee. back to school costs less at walmart. save money. live better. walmart.
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in case you're just now joining us. i want to give you a brief recap of our breaking story this morning. essentially 18 years in the making. this man, captain scott speicher missing in action. was he captured or was he alive? the department of defense officially coming out this morning identifying his remains. military in the anbar province of iraq were led to the desert by an iraqi citizen, information from an iraqi citizen and it was the armed forces institute of pathology that was able to match positively identify, thanks to his dental records, his remains now taken back to dover air force base showing the commitment of the u.s. military to bring him home. 18 years finally some closure this morning. the story of captain scott speicher.
8:45 am
a florida church is giving back by giving money away. you know the collection plate usually comes by, you're supposed to put money in there, well, they were taken money out, literally. the church handed each of them an envelope and told them to pay it forward. we continue to bring you stories here on spirituality, religion, and here now to report from our affiliate in orlando wesh. >> i was kind of like, really, are you serious? are we really doing this? >> reporter: the congregation members were stunned when each member received an envelope with cash, $10, $20, even $100 inside. >> i have four children and a wife and all of us kind of looked at each other and they got a big laugh out of it. >> reporter: the mission, pay it forward, pass on the cash to someone who needs it. he gave his $10 to a waitress who seemed to be having a bad day. she surprised him back. >> i had started to explain what our church was doing and before i could even get it out, she
8:46 am
said, oh, is it the baptist church in the middle of town? and i said, yeah, that's right. she said i've already had two other people who have given me money because of what your church is doing. >> reporter: a friendly cashier received patty's money. >> her eyes got very big and she immediately just started smiling and she was trying to get her co-worker's attention. >> reporter: a chance meeting with a homeless man outside of the church moved don jacobs to give him his $20. others are still waiting for the right moment. >> i'm still praying what to do about mine. >> reporter: they are hoping they will spread. >> hopefully we'll inspire people to continue to bless people and see that it makes a difference. >> you just saw some of the church members there. well, i'm being joined now by another church member joining us now for our faces of faith segment for this discussion.
8:47 am
dwayne mercer and don jacobs, one of those who received the envelopes in the first place. gentlemen, i appreciate you being here. pastor, how in the world does a church afford something like this? a lot of people are having tough times, including churches. how were you able to afford to hand out $25,000 to pay it forward? >> well, of course, it wasn't easy to do, but we wanted to do something to help the community. we have been involved so much in missions overseas and really emphasizing that type of thing. people come back give a testimony. but we were actually doing things in the community that really no one knew about and therefore no one was really inspired to carry it on and to multiply it, so we had the idea of giving money back to our church members, actually came from one of our staff members and evolved from there, why don't we put it in the offering plate and make it novel and people take money out. back on june 28th. what we're asking people to do
8:48 am
not spend it on themselves, not giving back to the church, but also to blog about it on >> and to talk about. now, don, you were the one who took out an envelope. that's what you were encouraged to do. how tough was it, first of all, to come up with an idea? did you have to think long and hard about where you wanted that money to go? >> well, i trusted god to provide an opportunity to do something with the money. i'll be honest with you, i put the money in my bible and out of sight out of mind on friday morning, july the 3rd, the church was closed for the holiday. and a homeless gentleman was out in front of our office, i have a decision to make, do i get involved in the situation or walk quietly to my truck? and hi knew the lord wanted me to participate in that. i met with him and he told me that the police had dropped him off at the church and hoping for somebody to help. there was nobody there except me, so i just knew the opportunity was from god. i gave him something to eat,
8:49 am
gave him $20, and afterwards, i thought about the mission project. >> and you talked about $20 there. and these were in increments, $10, $20, or $100. so these are small -- especially $10 or $20. how can amounts so small, an amount so small make such a difference? >> well, i think it's just really an encouragement to people knowing that the church loves them and therefore they feel that god really cares about them. there's so many stories on the website that just tells stories of people that were so encouraged in a down time in their life that somebody really cared about them. and, of course, $10 will buy you some food, and $20 some gas, and some was more than that. a lot of people's lives have been touched by it. >> and either one of you, i'll let you take this question here. as we know people across this country, we're in a tough economic situation. people at your church, even, i'm sure many families could use some help of their own.
8:50 am
did you all even know stories of people around the church who were maybe tempted to use that money to help themselves out? because they could use it, as well. did you know that was something that would be happening too? >> i think this is a test of us and our trust. and in this economic time this is is really a bad time to have god's money in our bill ford or our home. so the people trusting god are trying to conduit that money out as quickly as possible. my family put together an idea to bless some construction workers and it's generated a lot of excitement about being able to give and make a difference in the community. >> well, gentlemen, great that we could get you on this morning and talk about this, wish more and more people could do this. you can't give out $25,000 every sunday, you've got to keep the lights on at the church, as well. but great, we appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you. well, still to come this morning, t.j., pushing forward on this breaking story.
8:51 am
captain scott speicher remains positively identified, the first u.s. casualty in the opening hours of the first gulf war. we're talking to one of his friends, a high school classmate. how she remembers scott speicher. skymiles credit card... from american express... it's the official card... largest airline. of the world's and it's the only credit card... that earns miles on delta. miles that take you... to more places than ever before. over 350 destinations worldwide. so switch today. get up to 25,000 bonus miles-- good for a free flight. call now to apply. there's no annual fee for the first year... and you can redeem... with no blackout dates or seat restrictions. these are just a few of the benefits... of carrying the official card of delta air lines. switch now and you can earn miles... on delta with your purchases: groceries, gas, entertainment, and more. get up to 25,000 bonus miles... with the gold delta skymiles credit card.
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the remains of the first american whose life was lost during the first persian war, the first gulf war, january 17th, 1991, captain scott speicher went down in his f-18,
8:54 am
positively identifying his remains. we've been talking to barbara starr on the phone and some of his friends. right now we have his classmate from high school on the phone. and the last time you spoke is with him, you saw him was 1990 months before his plane went down. what do you make of the news this morning? >> it's relief that we finally have closure. and, of course, we would've hoped that they found him, but, you know, it's great relief for him, especially his family. >> he has two children, correct? >> yes, a son and a daughter. >> are you in contact with them? have you been in contact with them this morning at all? >> no, no. >> what can you tell us? what do you remember about scott from high school? >> he was a loyal friend. loyal classmate, and a loyal family man and loyal to his country. >> you say you feel relief this
8:55 am
morning. we spoke with another friend earlier who spoke a little bit about frustration that this whole thing lasted 18 years, changes in classifications, his status through the years, was he perhaps a prisoner of saddam hussein, was he missing in action? and we finally get the news 18 years later. is there any frustration on your part? or is this closure for you? >> well, the reason we started the organization was we were -- we were frustrated because so many different reports kept coming out. and we decided that if we wanted to get some closure, we needed to do something about it. and that is is true, we were frustrated. so we started the friends working to free scott speicher. but today i feel just relief and closure and, you know, i'm not frustrated with my government, i'm proud of my government for finally, you know, bringing this
8:56 am
closure that his family deserves. >> and perhaps this really just shows the military's commitment never to stop search issing and to bring our servicemen and women home. myriam, thanks for calling in. tt it slow me down. i go down to the pool for a swim... get out and dance... even play a little hide-n-seek. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer: spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd... which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. i take it every day. it keeps my airways open... to help me breathe better all day long. and it's not a steroid. announcer: spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. stop taking spiriva and call your doctor if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, or have vision changes or eye pain. tell your doctor if you have glaucoma, problems passing urine or an enlarged prostate, as these may worsen with spiriva. also discuss the medicines you take, even eye drops.
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side effects may include dry mouth, constipation and trouble passing urine. every day could be a good day to breathe better. announcer: ask your doctor if once-daily spiriva is right for you.
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8:59 am
"state of the union" coming up at the top of the hour. >> but here now, we've got a check of the headlines for you. the breaking story we've been following, the remains of the first american lost in the 1991 gulf war has been found in iraq. captain michael scott speicher was shot down on the first night of the war, he had been listed as killed or missing in action, also missing captured over the past 18 years. we'll continue to follow that story today. also the u.s. working to confirm reports by iran's state-run media that three americans have been arrested after illegally hiking into the country from iraq. the u.s. says that the reports are true, it will seek access. also one person is dead, 16 others injured. this happened at a concert in canada. a violent storm there hit the area during a performance last night, about 15,000 people were attending that concert during a festival, about 50

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